Branding your new business? Have you hired a professional Freelance Logo Designer Singapore for designing your logo and now you need to extend your corporate identity service? Many of us have no clear idea of what a corporate identity kit includes. Read more to know about the same.

Getting your business, a good image is considered as more important, be it a startup or a large business. A professional graphic designer / logo designer can provide you with a variety of service under corporate identity.

The identity of many company is determined by lots of visuals. Here is a short list of the identity design package which many graphic designers suggest as part of the identity package.

  1. Letterhead
  2. Business Card / Name Card
  3. Envelopes
  4. Flyers
  5. Brochures
  6. T-Shirt Design or Apparel Design
  7. Email Signatures
  8. PPT slides design
  9. Invoice Template
  10. ID Card for Employees
  11. Presentation Folders
All the above design materials help you identify your brand as a whole. In general, all the visual aspects contribute the brand identity. It doesn’t matter about the size of the company, having a brand identity is must to keep up your image among your competitors.

Letterhead Design – Business letter heads should be simple with more space for writing your content. Too many graphics will make the content to loose clarity. Custom stunning letterheads always showcases professionalism. Even if you are not a designer, and you want to minimize the cost of design, you can go with Canva where they provide lot of template letterheads which you can customize based on your needs. However, if you need a professional touch to your letterhead sample by a creative graphic designer then you can ask your freelancer to design the same for you.

Name card Design – Name cards are always a professional identity. Though it’s a digital world business card design still makes a good impression and conveys your brand more clearly. Creative and unique business cards can help you clinch the deal.

Flyers. Brochures, Trifolds – Website may be the online marketing tool but always a conventional marketing using flyer, brochures, trifolds will help you reach your local market with ease and can convey your brand more clearly.

What are the design options available?
Although we have numerous templates available online, creating a unique one based on your business and logo is always preferred.

  1. Minimalistic design – Minimal designs are mostly preferred as they do help in achieving to help carry your views without your customers being deviated from your message
  2. Geometric patterns – A refreshing look with nice usage of geometric colors in a pleasing format, looks great if used appropriately and it would complement your business.
  3. Full color – A full solid color which suits your logo, a well-constructed design can keep your brand consistent.
  4. Colorful Abstract – A highly creative company can best use the vibrant color pattern against a minimal layout.

A great way to convey your brand is to create simple yet interesting identity for your business. You can learn more about logo design in my Freelance Web Designer Singapore Blog. The target market is boundless and there is a need for your brand to be more prominent among your customers. Make the move now.

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