Responsive website design has gained its importance as the usage of mobile phones increases. Your clients love to browse through the phone to shop for products or the services they require. Your Freelance Web Designer Singapore would have advised you on revamping your website to a mobile-friendly web design. If you have already developed your website ignoring the responsive design then it's time to rethink of doing a redesign of your website to device friendly design.
If you are very satisfied with your web design and do not prefer to go for a redesign then you can consider changing the existing design to a mobile-friendly web design. So what are the benefits you get when you have a responsive website design? The first advantage is Google prefers responsive website design. Few years back the websites were of 2 versions, one is for desktop and the other is for mobile. Now we have different resolutions for the mobile and people keep upgrading their devices and you cannot build a website for each mobile device, now you have an option for a single website with the feature of responsive design wherein the website changes to devices irrespective of the device size.
Website maintenance, the responsive websites are easy to maintain and reduces the cost you spend for maintaining the website from possible security hacks. If you have multiple website layouts for each device a simple content change has to be done to all the layouts while in responsive website design we have only one layout and content update or layout changes are very easy and it adapts to the devices. Increase in social media usage also contributes greatly to viewing the websites on mobile. Most of the social media usage happens on mobile devices and when your services are listed in social media then people normally tend to click the URL and view your website on the device. Hence a fully responsive website design that adapts well to the mobile devices is always recommended for conversion.
When you are concentrating on search engine optimization, responsive websites contribute more to SEO ranking. Google gives preferences to responsive websites as they have better user experiences. When you hire a Freelance Web Designer for your website design, your web designer would advise on the possible layout ideas for mobile devices. Learn more about web design from and if you are searching for an affordable web design solution call me for a free quote.